Welcome to Hudson Valley NTRAK

Welcome. We are just getting started here at Hudson Valley NTRAK, so please bear with us. At the moment, we are looking for members, and a club space. We are in discussions with several possible partners and have a few promising directions, but if you are a model railroader (or want to be), and can help with the creation of a permanent club home, please contact us through this site.

OR if you are in the cultural/education/recreation arena and are interested in helping a group which can provide temporary or permanent model railroad displays in your location, we’d love to hear from you.

If you are an N Scale model railroader and don’t know what NTRAK is, take a look around our developing site and learn what you can. The links page will refer you to other nearby clubs and the NTRAK organization, but also please feeL free to contact us for more information.

We are interested in creating a slightly different type of NTRAK chapter and increase the involvement of younger people, so if you have an early teen child who is a model rail fan and don’t have the space in your house (or have other time and expense concerns), you should consider NTRAK. It is a big bang for the buck experience, and is perfect for a modest start in an expansive hobby.